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Andy Summers

About: Andy-Summers

Andy Summers grew up in the tourist town of Miami, Florida where he developed an affinity for travel. Tourism consumed most of his life and he loved it. Starting off working at a hotel and interacting with excited travelers made him want to see the beautiful places they told him about. After completing his degree in Business Administration from Florida International University, he was able to land his dream job managing TravGlobe travel agency.

Articles by Andy-Summers:

Bahamas or Caribbean cruise – Which is better?

06 Jul 2016 in Bahama Vacations&Bahamas Cruise

Bahamas or Caribbean cruise – Which is better?   Bahamas or Caribbean? This cruise question never gets old, especially for first-time cruisers. Even seasoned travelers have their fair share of inquiries. Either way, you can never go wrong with a cruise to the Bahamas or Caribbean. Here’s why: Cruises to…

The Best Times to Visit the Bahamas: Bahamas Busy & Off-Seasons

29 Apr 2016 in Uncategorized

A Seasonal Guide to the Bahamas Weather: The Best Times to Visit the Bahamas If you are planning a vacation to the Bahamas, you may be wondering when the best time to visit is. The great new is, there is no bad time to visit the Bahamas. This is not…

Should I Purchase Travel Insurance For My Bahamas Cruise

12 Jan 2016 in Bahama Vacations

What to Look for in Travel Insurance   Although you will spend most of your time at sea during your Bahamas vacation cruise, there is a doctor on board if the need arises. While that might be enough to provide you with the peace of mind you require, there are other…

Preparing for a Holiday Bahamas Vacation

17 Nov 2015 in Bahama Vacations

Many individuals, couples, and families are choosing to “take the holidays off” this year. Instead of joining in the whirlwind of activities that typically surround the season, a lot of people wish to get away from the cold weather and go somewhere tropical – like the Bahamas. If you’re planning…

Exploring the Arts: Museums of Grand Bahama Island

04 Sep 2015 in Bahama Vacations

Exploring the Arts and Museums During your Bahamas Vacation Cruise The beauty of traveling to new and unexplored destinations is immersing yourself into a new culture. Learning the trials and histories of your place of vacation is a enjoyable way to learn more about the world. They say life is a…

Travel Documents Required for a Bahamas Cruise

13 Aug 2015 in Bahama Vacations

What You’ll Need to Board your Bahamas Vacation Cruise If you will be cruising to the Bahamas on a Paradise Cruiseline, you must ensure that you have the proper travel documents so that you will be able to get on and off of the ship at each port. Below is…

3 Bahamas Vacation Apps You Can’t Travel Without

07 Aug 2015 in Bahama Vacations

Travel Apps You Need For Your Bahamas Vacation When it comes to tropical vacation paradises you can’t get much better than the Bahamas so you might wonder why you’d be even remotely interested in pulling out your smartphone while soaking up the sun on a Bahamas cruise vacation.  Of course,…

Honeymoon Travel Advice: 4 Tips for the Perfect Bahamas Honeymoon

10 Jul 2015 in Bahama Vacations

Making The Most of Your Honeymoon Vacation to The Bahamas You’ve made it through the stresses of wedding planning; the big day has finally come and gone. The honeymoon is the tone that sets the marriage adventures for the rest of time you both shall live. Make the honeymoon an…

Duty-Free Shopping: A beginners guide to duty-free shopping in Bahamas

19 Jun 2015 in Bahama Vacations

Shopping in the Bahamas Duty-Free In today’s shopping world, everyone is competitive shopping or trying to shop the best deals or sales. The true bargain hunter wants the opportunity to snag their favorite items at rock bottom prices. Duty-free shopping is an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on duty,…

Transportation Options: Getting Around Grand Bahama Island

05 Jun 2015 in Bahama Vacations

Traveling Around Grand Bahama Island The Grand Bahamas Island is chalked full of wonderful places to visit and explore while on vacation. With an abundance of soft sand beaches, marketplaces to shop, and local eateries to try, there’s never a dull moment for tourists. One of the perks of a…

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Christine C

I wanted to take a minute to let you know how great a job Clayton has done for me since taking over Lisa’s position while she’s out on maternity leave. He has been thorough, professional, patient with my many questions and gave me all-around great customer service. It’s rare you find someone so committed to doing their job well and I wanted to take this time to call attention to his efforts.

Christine C
Happy Customer

Tonya R

We have has such an awesome trip!!!!! Oh my god thank you so much!
I have to say you were right about this place it’s amazing!!!!!
We are very happy

Tonya R
Happy Customer

Karen P

Hi from Canada. Just wanted to thank you for setting up that wonderful trip for me and my friend Laura. We had a wonderful vacation. Everything was super. The ship the Celebration was great and the Hotel on the Bahamas was just what the doctor ordered. We hope to do it again sometime.
Thank you again for all your help in setting up all our reservations.

Karen P
Happy Customer

Brittany W.

We just wanted to say thank you, we had a lot of fun on the cruise! Besides being sunburned haha, but if you see another one of those bahama cards filled out by me again its because we want to win again and go back. It’s required by the bahama people we met, they said “we are making you come back to see us”. So I said we will and I hope we win another one, we would definitely go again and do it all over!

Brittany W.
Happy Customer

Jessica M

Going to the Bahamas for our wedding couldn’t have been more memorable. I just want to thank for helping us get all the details taken care of and making this so convenient. As you could imagine, there is a lot to plan for a wedding, but having take care of the travel arrangements made this so much easier. I can’t thank you enough!!!

Jessica M
Happy Customer
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